Critica Commentary is a place for discussion of all things related to denial of scientific evidence and health and science literacy. Here you will find longer pieces about particular topics, such as medical misdiagnosis and conflicts of interest, as well as interviews with key people working at the intersection of health policy, science journalism, science education, and psychology, among other fields. You may also find guest posts by authorities in the field as well as by people with fascinating stories to share and analyses of recent news articles, studies, and current events. If you are interested in writing something for Critica, please contact us here.

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  • How to Change People’s Minds
    November 30, 2017 | Comments

    Over the past few months, we’ve been traveling to conferences, meeting a lot of new people, and discussing the work we do for Critica and our book Denying to the Grave. When we talk to people about the difficulty of changing minds and the psychology behind why people tend to hold on to their viewpoints, we often […]

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  • Why We’re Afraid of Poisoned Halloween Candy
    November 9, 2017 | Comments

    What do irrational purchasing of guns after a mass shooting and fears of poisoned Halloween candy have in common? This was a question posed to Critica CEO and Co-Founder Sara Gorman recently by a journalist who was writing an article about persistent fears of poisoned Halloween candy despite no evidence of this ever happening. Does […]

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