About Critica

Led by Drs. Sara and Jack Gorman, Critica is a community committed to making rational decisions about health and security. In a culture dominated by polarizing politics, and an abundance of unchecked misinformation, Critica exists to revolutionize the role of science in making rational health decisions.



Zika. Climate change. Vaccines. GMOs. Gun control. These issues are at the forefront of the American conversation, yet we often underestimate science’s ability to make sense of them.



Our Vision

We believe that everyone, everywhere has the ability to make truly informed and unbiased decisions about health and security.

The Critica community will use the principles first elucidated in its founders’ book, Denying to the Grave: Why We Ignore the Facts That Will Save Usto develop and test the tools necessary to accomplish this goal. Using our deep knowledge of human cognition and behavior, we will work together to combat science denial, both on an individual basis and in the context of conversations between doctors and patients, journalists and their audiences, teachers and students, and government agencies and the general public.



Grounded in our expertise in human emotion, behavior, and neuroscience, Critica’s mission is to develop and test new methods of advancing public acceptance of scientific evidence and promoting informed health decision-making.



We welcome you to join this effort. We invite you to share your stories and expertise. We ask that you too Think Deeply, Think Well.