The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act Would Have Devastating Consequences for Vulnerable Populations

Critica co-founder Sara Gorman discusses the impact of a proposed new gun law on vulnerable populations in the U.S.

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How to Change People’s Minds

Posted by Sara Gorman in Concepts & Methods, Psychology, Science Denial

Over the past few months, we’ve been traveling to conferences, meeting a lot of new people, and discussing the work we do for Critica and our book Denying to the Grave. When we talk to people about the difficulty of changing minds and the psychology behind why people tend to hold on to their viewpoints, we often… Continue reading

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Why We’re Afraid of Poisoned Halloween Candy

Posted by Sara Gorman in Health, Psychology, Science Denial

What do irrational purchasing of guns after a mass shooting and fears of poisoned Halloween candy have in common? This was a question posed to Critica CEO and Co-Founder Sara Gorman recently by a journalist who was writing an article about persistent fears of poisoned Halloween candy despite no evidence of this ever happening. Does… Continue reading

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Preventing the Next Public Health Crisis

We’ve all seen statements of fear and mistrust about health authorities and evidence-based medical practices hit our social media channels. Perhaps it’s an acquaintance or family member who posts about the long-debunked notion that vaccines cause autism. Or perhaps it’s a coworker posting about “natural” alternatives to treatments for a variety of serious medical conditions,… Continue reading

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How to Persuade People to Vaccinate

Posted by Sara Gorman in Health, Psychology, Public Health

Temperatures are dropping, pumpkin spice drinks are turning up again, and you’re grabbing your leather jacket. That’s right, fall has hit the East Coast, and among the things we can welcome back into our lives are not sweating through our morning commutes on the infernal summer subway, buying too much candy for the one or… Continue reading

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The Psychology of Gun Ownership Revisited

About a year ago, shortly after Denying to the Grave came out, we wrote a piece for Psychology Today examining the psychology behind gun ownership. We discussed the trends in gun ownership in the U.S., with so many people claiming that they buy guns for security reasons, and asked why people continue to do this when it’s… Continue reading

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How Our Healthcare System Fails Patients with Severe Mental Illness

Posted by Sara Gorman in Health, Public Health

This is a guest post written by Dr. Rachel L. Moster, M.D. Dr. Moster is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University.  Those of us who care for people with severe mental illness (SMI) are frequently reminded that adherence to prescribed medications is a major determinant of outcomes. Many studies have shown that… Continue reading

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Are We Guilty of ‘Pathologizing’ Science Denial?

Posted by Sara Gorman in Health, Psychology, Public Health, Science Denial

A recent article in The Guardian by Daniel Sarewitz touched on the concept of treating science denial like a “disease.” In Denying to the Grave, we argued that people who refuse to accept scientific evidence do not do so because of ignorance or pathology but rather because of deeply rooted psychological processes common to all… Continue reading

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Pharmacists’ Role in Fighting Science Denial

Posted by Sara Gorman in Concepts & Methods, Health, Psychology, Science Denial

If you’ve ever picked up a prescription or gotten a seasonal flu vaccine at your local pharmacy, you have no doubt come in contact with an increasingly important type of healthcare provider in the healthcare system: retail pharmacists. Retail pharmacists, many of whom work for large pharmacy chains such as CVS and Walgreens, are increasingly… Continue reading

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What Can Neuroscience Tell Us about Racism?

Posted by Sara Gorman in neuroscience, Politics, Psychology

Have you ever seen a headline claiming that neuroscience can now explain some large, complex phenomenon such as ethics, free will, creativity, or genius? If you have, you’re certainly not alone. As Gary Stix commented in an excellent piece for Scientific American, “The steady flow of new studies that purport to reduce human nature to a… Continue reading

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